80 Oz Bowl
160 Oz Bowl

When to Order

More notice is always better. Depending on the order size we can usually take care of most requests with 7-10 days notice. More notice is needed with very large orders & full service catering.

For funerals & memorial service we offer a wide variety of options to accommodate any crowd or budget on short notice

How Much to Order

Portion sizing can be confusing because some are by Volume and others by weight. The number of items you have can impact the portion size as well as the age of those eating.

All of the portions listed here are for estimating purposes only. No guarantee is made as to the number of people any item will feed. With your inquiry we can make a better assessment of how much food will be needed. At Molly's we make it a priority to ensure you have plenty of food. 


Full service catering prices are similar to our regular menu pricing. You pick the venue, we'll provide the food, service-ware & people to serve it.
Take-out catering is more economical and provides the same delicious food at a discount but you do some of the work; set-up, serving, clean-up & provide the service-ware (plates, napkins etc). We'll even loan you our catering supply's (chaefer frames, pans & serving utensils) & provide delivery for a nominal price. Prices below are for take-out catering. Must be ordered in advance.

Irregardless of what the customer request is, our answer is YES WE CAN!

And when it comes to catering, we'll meet the challenge of your every need.

The answer is YES,                                 What's the question?