Continued change-up is our secret ingredient

Looking back to where we started & what we are today is a world apart. Everybody eats so everyone knows something about this business and even more so with the popularity of cooking shows and the never ending montage of new restaurants.

During my most recent trip to the cities I noticed that 80% of the restaurants are new, have changed ownership or out of business over the last 7 years. Corporate America is taking over leaving us small sized independents far & few between.

The popularity of the cooking shows has gotten people to try new flavors pushing the restaurants to do the same. Examples we've incorporated are our new poached Catfish, Korean BBQ & ethnic flat breads. Even the fast food drive thru's are trying to do Hand crafted, chef inspired meals. Another advancement in our industry is the awareness of healthy food. At Molly's we offer Turkey Burgers, Chicken Breasts or Veggie Burgers to substitute for any of our Hamburgers at no upcharge. Our new menu boasts several Salads, a special "small size" section and broiled Cod & Salmon for a healthier meal. 

We've always been quality conscience and will continue to serve all the old favorites but choose to do it with-out pinching penneys or compromising quality. A good example is our 1919 tap root beer. This is by no means a healthy drink however, it's made with real sugar not high frutcose syrup. Enjoy it as an occasional treat, moderation is the key.

Greater Awareness of processed foods, the ingredients and methods used has had a great impact on the popularity of organic and more sustainable foods. I believe the future holds even more rigorous standards for what is acceptable to consume. Look at Trans fats, 10 years ago it was everywhere, today it's almost non-existent. There are other ingredients out there like MSG, Microcrystalline Cellulose, some food colorings & preservatives that in my opinion should be banned from the kitchen.

We've come a long way baby 

 Established 2005                                                                                                                                           320-327-2524                   FAX 327-8481         

Restaurant exterior facing east                                             808 Highway 7, Silver Lake, MN 55381

Winner of the Golden Butter Knife Award!

Since our opening in 2005, Brothers Bob & Frank have always stressed the importance of better quality food. At Molly's we don't mess around when it comes to ingredients, we're the real deal! That includes real dairy products. Our Swiss has holes in it! Our Milk comes from Silver Lakes own JB Dairy. We don't skimp on the measure either, our cheese is thicker than most. We don't stop with just the dairy; our burgers are 5.33 Oz. & made of 100% Chopped Beef Steak! Our hand battered Mushrooms are to die for and our pulled pork is slow smoked & braised for 14 hours. You won't find any cans in our kitchen!

Our passion for food & quality that's not loaded with chemicals has led the way for expansion into the packaged food business. Currently we prepare & bottle our own Seasonings, herb & spice blends without the added glycerol, silicon dioxide or anti caking agents.

We're Passionate about Ingredients