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Our Sustainable Initiatives

Besides our cork recycling, Molly's is committed to recycling or reusing just about everything that comes in. Our cardboard is hauled away by our local church group with proceeds coming back into the community by donation usually to assist the Fire Department. All of our food waste is either composted or fed to local hogs or chickens that lay the farm fresh eggs we sell over the counter. Currently we sell our waste oil that is used in the making of dog food and recently purchased a heater to better utilize all our used fryer oil. We save any meat bones for the dogs to chew on & always have some on hand if you'd like to take a treat home to your pets. Most all of our lighting is with LED bulbs, a few CFL's and is partially powered by solar to reduce our energy demand. 

Sustainable  Ag  resources

Local Purveyors, growers & farms 

The Silver Lake area has many farms & producers of sustainable food sources. Here is a listing of some of them & the products & services they provide. At Molly's we source as much food locally as possible. Of course there is a greater abundance in the summertime. 

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Drop off site at Molly's Cafe

Bring in your used cork to recycle into shoe soles, fishing bobbers & Insulation. ReCork claims to have recycled 14,568,152 corks since they started their program in 2007.


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